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Latest Yurt, same as one below only made from 5ft sticks . . .

My one piece folding yurt, outline plans.

To make the frame below (approximately 12'-13' diameter and 8'-9' in height). You will need 72 x 7' (84") poles approximately 0.5 " to 1" in diameter.

24 poles for the roof to be drilled with 5 x 0.125" holes 1", 51", 72.5", 79" and 82.5" from the bottom.

48 poles for the wall to be drilled with 7 x 0.125" holes 4", 17", 30", 43", 56", 69", and 82" from the bottom.

Roof and wall pole junctions tied and knotted together (see detail picture, below left) with polypropylene string, trimmed to about 0.25" from knot and sealed with naked flame.
The roof and wall sections are tied together with small pieces of elasticated rope to aid folding.


The whole structure is supported by a 0.25" or thicker polypropylene rope approximately 40' long, secured around the top of the wall section.

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