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This web page has been constructed primarily with the view to organizing a class/year/school reunion for those attending around its close as a Secondary Modern - County School in 1968-69.

But, it could be any kind of Old Watt Close School web page you choose. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any ideas for additional content.

Use the message board freely, for ideas and support for a reunion, for posting messages for old school friends, for shared memories or for anything Old Watt Close School related.
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Old Watt Close School posted messages

15 October 2012
Hi. I was at wattclose in the early to mid sixties, my last formmaster was basil belk, always known for throwing the board rubber.. i remember your name dipple but i remember a june dipple any relation? but i think you were a little younger than me. I have listed all the teachers but looking at your site i have over looked a couple. I did think Mr. day married Miss Hurcomb but may have got mixed up. My name is christine stanley and i was in ns1 there was also an Ns2 idiots of the school i think sister was lorraine. In my class were margaret atkins, alan smith, lesley philips, john suffield, ann parry oh the list goes on. still friends with eileen furber. There was also doreen alcock and paula warmsley . especially would like to hear if anyone remembered hazel Burns we lost touch a life time ago. glad u have the site gordon it brings back many happy memories.

21 June 2012
My name is Viraj.I attended from 1989 to 1990 when Mr David Macey was the head teacher(I left for Sri Lanka afterwards).My class teacher in 1989(my first year)was Mrs Tindall.Some of my class mates were Matthew Bic,Paul Curtis,Bridgette.One of my closest friends was Richard Smith(who was one year junior to me).His sister was Elizabeth.Richard do you remember me!I visited your home many times and you came for my 10th birthday party(in 1990).How are you doing now?!Pls contact me. My email is

16 April 2012
Nice to meet you (again) Gordon in our favorite meadow, yesterday afternoon! I don't think I remember many from the year above me, I only remember John Deeley from my time at HDA. Heard from Keri Williams family, he died earlier this year. He was about 97. We kept in contact over the years. He would tell me all the Staff Room gossip! He moved to Bucks a few years ago to live with his daughter. Geoff Sullivan.

15 April 2012
It would be amazing to have a reunion and meet up with all the old faces (literally now!)although I'd probably spend the whole reunion asking, who are you? I envy Gordons recall of all the names and faces from back then. I guess some of it will come back if we do get to have a reunion. Lets make it happen. John Deeley.

28 February 2012
Marie I do remember you I am sure we sat together on the coach my name is Cynthia Powell it was Hopkins I was very good friends with Josie Clarke, auburn hair, I also left to go to the new Charford School I have been reading the list of pupils and staff in other letters where has the time gone such memories best wishes. (email address supplied please contact this site owner if you need it)

21 February 2012
Gordon, are you the same Gordon Dipple who used to canoe in North Wales? Yes, who are you? please send me some contact details, Gordon

23 January 2012
Hi remember me Richard Alcock hope you are well. Be good to catch up Richard send me some contact details, Gordon

17 June 2010
I thought I might try and remember the names in my class (64-69). I have missed a few, at least 2 girls, one who was tiny and sat on her satchel and another with auburn hair. I last saw her at Garringtons in 1970 when they did not offer me a job! Geoffrey Miller, Alan Lowe, Stephen Pearce, Tony Mason, Patricia Rea, Barry Hill, Pamela Turk, Tim Glover, Marie Bluck, Michelle Wyres, Brian Gorton, Elizabeth ____, Gerald Hateley, David Veale, Keith Hodson, Elaine ___, Margaret Horne, David Gower, Stuart Cross, Steve Lawley, Terry Jones, Graham Pratt, Dilys Jones, Lesley Crowther, Mick Botley, Richard Atkinson, Stephen ___ (left 1st yr), Susan Fitzpatrick, ___ Tilt(left 4th yr), Neil Court, Raymond ___, Geoffrey Sullivan. Cheers, Geoff Sullivan (

15 June 2010
Ha Marie I remember you, I was in your class! I was in contact with Keri Williams in recent years (he's over 90) My wife was a good friend of his also. He told us such gossip from the Staff room! Gordon, I think I remember you - was Glyn Walker in your class? Happy times, you know I cannot remember seeing St John's from 'Dock Green'. Good to see it is still all there. I used to like Mr Merrick's science room the best. I'll bet the cross country run is not like it used to be, and rugby in the sleet and snow! Cheers, Geoff Sullivan (

22 February 2010
I remember Basil Belk,his classroom was in the white prefab building and when I was there he taught History.The other room was used by Roy "Crasher" Crane who taught English and R.E. I was excused R.E. as I was Catholic. As for Miss Higgins and Mr. Day I remember a school whipround for their wedding. I left aged 15 in 1967. Nick McCormack. (Not Mike McCormick as Basil Belk once corrected my name on a piece of work I once handed in for marking)

4 February 2010
I went there! I remember watching films on fridays because we didnt have enough teachers to teach us I expect! I remember it closing and moved to charford for my 5th year. A GREAT SCHOOL! My name was Marie Bluck, I was very quiet and almost invisible... I can say that for sure nobody will remember little old me! I went to watt close school from 1963-1967 until we moved to the new charford school. this was when I was in my 5th year, I remember Basil Belk the art teacher, Mr Mottram who taught french, Miss Higgins who secretly loved Mr Day!( He didnt marry her mind!) I especially remember the films shown on friday.. they had obviously ran out of teachers to teach us! Oh what a wonderful school.. haha. good times.

9 January 2010
Nice to see that the old stomping ground of Bill Beddows and Miss Chin is still standing, bet the paddle has now been discontinued. (Andy Guest) - Greece

2 November 2009
Hi Gordon, I lived near you in 1968. was attending Watt Close School, also now your brother Mick AKA Robin. and sister Letitia. my name is Keith Edwards. My sister is Carol Edwards. we lived in Breakback Rd I am 56 now and my sister is just coming up to 60. I remember you well! Black Sabbath. I always associated you with them. me! its Gilmour and Pink Floyd. (email address supplied please contact this site owner if you need it)

13 September 2009
I attended Watt close school between 1958 and 1961. I seem to remember a classmate by the name of Jean Dipple. I'm not sure if it was at Finstall school or Watt close. My name is Frank Woodward and my contact E-mail is (email address supplied please contact this site owner if you need it)

10 February 2008
Does any one know the whereabouts of Monica Adams, who was my best friend at school during the late 50's. I last saw her in the late 60's when she was then living in Worcester.

30 April 2006
I have been trying to contact my old school friend Monica Adams, last known address was a Worcester address. If anyone can help please contact Jean (formerly Hodgetts) on (email address supplied please contact this site owner if you need it)

Watt Close School (Now St Johns Middle school) and Sanders Park 30th October 2011

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